The founders are composed of a group of senior executives and senior scientific research team members from a group of top 500 enterprises in the world. The team members have more than 10year experiences in AI, IT and health care.


Since 2019, Zuowei began to focus on the demand of upgrading & transformation about the aging population problem and we has made great efforts to build an intelligent medical care system featuring Internet technology + platform + nursing + execution + data.


Zuowei is committed to becoming a high-quality service provider of health and rehabilitation medical equipment.The effective combination of talents, technology, brand and capital makes the company present a sustained and steady development trend.


As a technology, the company takes "health, quality and service" as its tenet and makes continuous efforts to build itself into a world-class intelligent nursing robot enterprise. Our goal is to realize the organic combination of Industry 4.0, health industry and mobile Internet, so that disabled and mentally disabled people can be supported and entertained in their old age.