Why Zuowei?


Proven foundation unmatched flexibility.

Using modern technologies and a proven nursing home put to the test at thousands of healthcare settings, Zuowei has built an Enterprise Cloud solution to support the future of Healthcare. We give our users the tools to be successful and we listen to the community to make the product better – for everyone.


Founders with a proven track record

Advanced technology

Enhancements are based on user feedback




The price is more friendly which is affordable.

Lowest overall total cost of ownership

Simple pricing model

No maintenance fees

Free updates and upgrades



Patients count on you for better outcomes; count on ZUOWEI to work.

Zuowei was developed with a very simple premise:  healthcare products should focus on patient care. Zuowei uses the latest technology and proven nursing home to provide users with the flexibility and ease of use they demand while providing a secure and affordable solution that is built for the future of Healthcare.


Advanced security and redundancy

Seamless updates

Simple to use interface